Diabetes Treatment

Jack Wilson

It can be really scary how sudden an ailment like diabetes mellitus can change the lives of the patients and their families. On the other hand, this disease has become so common that very many people could already be experiencing the symptoms of diabetes, but are still undiagnosed.

That's why it is so important to learn to recognize and to watch for any recognizable signs of diabetes. If you notice any of them, then definitely consult your medical professional and start your research to find the diabetes treatment that is best suited for your particular scenario.

Diabetes is a disease that is the result of your body not producing enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by your body that helps to turn sugars into energy. The symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, increased urination, constant hunger, weight loss, irritability, blurred vision, and fatigue.

Diabetes Treatment Using MedicationsWhile each symptom alone is harmless, the combination of symptoms could mean that you have diabetes mellitus. And, if left untreated, diabetes can become a serious illness and can put you at a higher risk for other, more serious illnesses, such as heart disease and stroke.

Before you begin treatment for any disease or illness, you should see your physician so that you can be sure you are treating the correct illness. There are a series of tests that your physician can perform in order to make a diagnosis of diabetes.

Types of Diabetes Treatments

There are several types of diabetes treatments including medicines, insulin treatments, surgery, alternative treatments, and lifestyle changes. The most important diabetes treatment will be changes in your lifestyle – eating healthy and exercising. A change in your lifestyle should work hand-in-hand with other diabetes treatments to get the most benefit from the treatments.

If your doctor recommends medications for treatment of your diabetes, you should discuss with him/her the potential side effects of the medications and the potential interactions with other medications you may be taking and potential interactions with foods.

Many people choose not to take the risks that are involved with some medications and choose to use alternative treatments. You should discuss your choices with your physician and come up with a diabetes treatment that will work for you.

Treating Diabetes with Medicines

Some of the types of medications used to treat diabetes include the following:

Medicines that are used to decrease the amount of glucose the liver produces
Sulfonylureas – medicines used to increase the output of insulin
Symlin and Byetta – medicines that have an effect on glycemic control
DPP-IV inhibitors
Medicines used to decrease the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the intestines

Some forms of insulin treatment are:

Injected by needle
Pre-filled pens
Insulin Pump
Inhaled Insulin

Treating Diabetes Naturally

Many people choose to avoid the risks associated with medications. There are many herbal and natural treatments for diabetes (supplements, ayurvedic, chinese herbs etc.). You should discuss with your physician so that you can come up with a herbal or natural diabetes treatment that is right for you. Some natural diabetes treatments include:

Aloe Vera Gel

The Most Important Diabetes Treatment

The most important aspect of your diabetes treatment, whether you choose to treat your diabetes with medications or whether you choose to treat your diabetes more naturally is a healthy diet and exercise.

Beginning a healthy diet early in life can help you to avoid many illnesses and diseases that are associated with your body's digestive system, immune system, and your body's overall performance.

While some diseases are hereditary and a healthy diet may not prevent them, a healthy diet can delay the onset of the disease. You should begin at an early age to eat a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat regular meals as close to the same time each day as possible. Be sure you have plenty of time to eat your meal so that you can chew your food sufficiently.

A daily exercise regimen is also important for your overall health and will help you prevent or delay the onset of many illnesses and diseases. By adhering to a regular exercise regimen, you are keeping your body in good working condition – and should the onset of an illness or disease occur, your body would be better able to fight the illness.

So, the best plan of action should you be diagnosed with diabetes is a healthy diet and exercise combined with the diabetes treatment that you and your physician feel is right for you.

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