Diabetes Destroyed Program Review

Jack Wilson

Diabetes is one of the most challenging health concerns today. If untreated, this can become a significant issue with serious short and long term consequences.

Of course, there are many solutions out on the market and most of them do not work as promised. Diabetes Destroyed written by Ricky Everett promises to introduce one of the best approaches to removing diabetes from your life forever.

The question is simple; can diabetes patients find relief with Ricky Everett’s Diabetes Destroyed program? That is something we'll try to discover in this review.

CAUTION: Just to get this legal stuff out of the way – we are not medical or health care professionals, so this review contains our own opinions and we are not trying to offer any medical advice. If you have diabetes, or suspect you might, please check with your doctor or health care professional.

Ricky Everett The Creator Of Diabetes Destroyed Protocol

Ricky Everett

FACT: 9.3% of the American population (19.1 million) had diabetes in 2012.

Statistics and thorough review by scientists tell us that diabetes is on the rise based (at least in part) on the unhealthy lifestyle many employ in their daily lives. Ricky Everett, the author of Diabetes Destroyed program, is trying to change that. His intent is to make people aware of diabetes, it's causes, effects and most importantly, how to cure the illness by living a healthier lifestyle.

FACT: Diabetes is a life changing disease and (as of this writing) there is no medical cure or pharmaceutical drug that will affect a cure.

Diabetes Destroyed protocol is an in-depth guide exploring every facet of the disease. The ebook allows people to understand and combat its effects using knowledge, confidence and step by step guidelines. It important to understand that diabetes is life threatening, but can be managed if lifestyle and dietary regimens are closely followed. If they are, then blood sugar can be kept under control and (for the most part) life can continue without undue interruption.

How is Diabetes Destroyed protocol different than other books?

Diabetes Destroyed isn't the first or only book about living with or trying to cure diabetes mellitus, but not all materials are created equal. Just as certain novels touch the “heartbeat of a nation”, rising in popularity and reaching the pinnacle of the New York Times bestseller list, so too do selected books about diabetes.

Ricky Everett prepared a review of this illness that rips away any stigma, reaching beyond the surface to touch the source of the problem, helping others to avoid wasting thousands of dollars and the stress and fear associated with all long term effects.

This is a diabetes protocol unlike any other, offering a unique and systematic approach to eliminating diabetes. And it does so without forcing you to seek expensive treatments or costly medications. This is a set of guidelines that, if followed religiously, can most assuredly produce results – it has for others, and it can for you. The ebook is an enjoyable, packed with information that is both easy to follow and insightful. It clear that the author is knowledgeable about diabetes while also having the ability to clearly explain things in written form and not everyone can do that.

FACTS: Of the 20.1 million who suffer from diabetes, 8.1 million were not diagnosed. Diabetes in seniors continues to rise with 11.8 million cases diagnosed in 2011.

Diabetes Destroyed is much more than a book filled with diabetic statistics and ho-hum dietary suggestions, it is much closer to an in-depth journey into the mind of author Ricky Everett, someone who suffered from diabetes himself and was able to overcome the disease.


On October 14th 2012, Mr. Everett's blood sugar reached 1200 and he slipped into a diabetic coma. Doctors told his family there was an 85% chance he would not recover and that they should prepare for the worst.

Diabetes Destroyed Program Book With Description


Just a few months later (see more details on the Diabetes Destroyed website), Mr. Everett was certified 100% diabetes free. He went on, just a few months later, to compete in a marathon and ended up winning in his age class.


Many thought that Ricky Everett had experienced a recovery that was nothing short of divine intervention; that nothing else had the power to cure him completely and in only 28 days, but that wasn't the case. In his e-book he outlines exactly what happened and how a startling discovery showed him the truth about his blood sugar and how he and others could become 100% diabetes free.

Should you buy Diabetes Destroyed Protocol?

In a word YES – We haven’t found a diabetes related program written with more passion. The man has literally been through the fires and lived to tell the story. It would be fine if he were simply someone who discovered a cure, but this is much more, this is a journey through the pitfalls, problems and ultimately the success of overcoming diabetes and becoming healthy, happy and living life to the fullest.

If you have diabetes, or if you know someone who does, this is information that you should definitely be aware of. Based on experiences of many Ricky Everett’s readers – it works – and that’s why we would encourage you take a closer look and review it yourself!

Here is a personal review of one of the people that already purchased the program. They are describing their experiences and findings related the protocol.

I have been a diabetic for a long time and it has been a challenge to keep up with the demands of my body. I have tried numerous treatments and most of them would work for a while (at best) and then fail on me. I heard positive things about Diabetes Destroyed and decided to give it a glance.

Here is my own review explaining the pros and cons of this particular protocol and what it has to offer.

Great Detox Program

Let's begin with the positives in this Diabetes Destroyed review. Most people want to read this book in order to help improve their health in the short and long run. I was the same and wanted to get going down the right path. This book is fantastic because of the comprehensive detox program that has been laid out for readers.

The book is specific when it comes to helping the body detox from all of the negative toxins that are floating inside.

Excellent Explanations on Failing Modern Treatments

Diabetes Destroyed Program Does Not Need Insulin Injections

I had given numerous modern day treatments a shot and most of them failed immediately. Ricky Everett does an excellent job explaining why each of these treatments do not work. It was this comprehensive approach to research that won me over and will win you over too.

He takes a look at the major and popular approaches to diabetic issues today including medications and tries to explain why they fail. The terminology used in the book is simple and this helped me to understand everything. This was a major plus for me.

Comprehensive Instructions Throughout

Another thing I liked was how the program was laid out. Of course, any protocol has to be followed correctly and that requires the use of some sort of instructions. I found these to be very well written and concise enough for me to actually sit down and read. It certainly helped that the program worked like a charm for me as well.

Does Require Patience for Results

No Need For Medications With Diabetes Destroyed Book

Were there any cons with the e-book when I read it for this review? Overall, the content is tremendous from the first page to the last, but that does not mean it is flawless. Most books are not flawless and this one isn’t either. While, the issue is not a major one, I thought of mentioning it in this review anyway.

I am someone who is not very patient and wants the results right away! I had to change my mindset when I was getting onto this program because, while it will work, you have to give it time. You cannot expect things to get better after the first day. It just will not happen.

My concluding thoughts in this Diabetes Destroyed Protocol review

What do I think about this program as a whole? Well, I think that the author has hit the nail on the head with this one and for me it is a true winner. There is nothing better than seeing positive results as a long time diabetic.

I was getting frustrated without being able to first of all understand the root cause of my problems and then how to treat it. This was leading to severe depression and taking me to dark places.

I think anyone that is serious about changing their life and getting away from their diabetes related issues should be giving this protocol a chance.

This review guide is a truly comprehensive read that not only shows the main causes of diabetes, but also how to tackle them one by one. It is the only diabetes protocol you are ever going to require in the long run in my opinion.