Early Signs Of Diabetes In Men

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What Are Some Early Signs of Diabetes in Men?

The early signs of diabetes in men might go unnoticed. These symptoms are subtle, and they can occur without warning, and might be intermittent.

Diabetes, also known as the silent killer, is the seventh leading killer of Americans, and is one of the chief causes of death for human beings worldwide. For some reason, diabetes affects men more than women, and some studies show that 7 million men are afflicted by this disorder, with the majority men being unaware of their condition and even these men were experiencing the early signs of diabetes for a while.

Description Of Signs Of Diabetes In Men

How do you protect yourself as a man from diabetes? You need to be able to pick up on, identify, and understand these signs as early as possible. First, however, you need to understand what happens to the body when it has diabetes and why is it sending you all these new signals and signs.

Your body needs glucose, or sugar, to give it energy and to keep it alive. These sugars get into your body when you eat or drink. Your food, when digested, converts into sugar, and travels to all the different cells in your body providing nourishment.

How much sugar ends in your bloodstream is controlled by the amount of insulin your pancreas secretes. When you suffer from diabetes and start to show the typical signs, your pancreas stops producing sufficient insulin, and your blood sugar levels rise.

What are the Causes and Signs of Diabetes in Men?

Primary factors of diabetes are an unhealthy lifestyle and high stress levels. If ignored or untreated, this disorder is extremely dangerous and can cause severe health problems. Many men with diabetes go undiagnosed until it is too late.

Here is a partial list of signs of diabetes. Many occur in both sexes, while some are exclusive to men.

Erectile dysfunction

This is, of course, a disorder and one of very important signs that occurs only in men. When it's caused by diabetes, the tiny blood vessels that supply the penis with blood become injured, and blood flow to the penis is slowed or stopped. Since erections are caused by blood flowing into the penis, a man with this condition cannot get an erection.


Polyuria, or frequent urination, is one of the most annoying of the early signs of diabetes in men. This condition happens when the body's rising glucose levels cause the kidneys to be unable to process water effectively.


Having high levels of blood sugar means that these sugars cannot be used as fuel by the body, as is usually the case. Instead, your body starts breaking down and using needed fat stores and muscle tissue as fuel. This, in turn, lowers your metabolism, causing you to feel extremely tired all the time.

Unexplained weight loss

For the same reasons having diabetes makes you feel tired, it can also cause you to lose a lot of weight. As the body breaks down fat and muscle tissue, diabetics typically can experience dramatic and sudden weight loss.

Blurred vision

When a person has diabetes, water from the body can be absorbed into the lens of the eye, causing vision to blur when the levels of sugar in the blood are either too high or too low. When these levels normalize, vision typically is returned to normal as well.

At first this might seem like a minor inconvenience. If left unchecked, however, the blood vessels in the eye weaken, which can lead to nerve damage, or retinopathy, which means blood flow to the retina of the eye has been impeded or stopped completely. This can lead to permanent blindness.

Excessive thirst

When you have diabetes, the sugar levels in your blood rise. This is due to the inability of the pancreas to secrete enough insulin. These sugars absorb the water from the cells of the body, causing the diabetic to become dehydrated and incredibly thirsty.

These are only a few, but some of the most prominent and dangerous of the early signs of diabetes in men. To learn more about these symptoms and others, be sure to read Signs of Diabetes.

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